Carolina Maldonado

Reference Centre for Lactobacilli (CERELA). Argentina.

Maldonado Galdeano, María Carolina. PhD Biochemistry
Adjunct Professor in the Department of Immunology. Institute of Microbiology. Faculty of Biochemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy of the National University of Tucumán.
CONICET Independent Researcher at the Centro de Referencia para Lactobacilos CERELA-CONICET. Topic: Probiotic microorganisms and their influence on the intestinal mucosa immune system. Studies carried out in this area have made it possible to know some of the mechanisms that are set in motion both at the level of the epithelium and of the immune cells in the intestine after probiotics consumption. The studies are carried out through the use of experimental animals, both in healthy individuals and in different pathologies (allergies, obesity, malnutrition, infections).