Technical requirements

To guarantee a quality experience and facilitate your access to the Virtual Conference Center, we suggest you follow these technical instructions.

You must access the platform through the following indicated means, otherwise we cannot guarantee its correct functioning.

Operating systems
  • Windows 7 or higher de 32 / 64bits
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux. Any version with web browser support.
Web browsers Compatible:
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox v.70 or higher.
  • Google Chrome v.50 or higher.
Not compatible:
  • Safari browser.

PC Recommendations:

We recommend using a computer with (at least) the following features

  • 4GB RAM
  • Processor superior to 2015

By going to the help menu of your browser you may check which version you have installed and there are any available updates.

Mobile devices:

Compatible with Android devices..

Not compatible with some iPhone models.

To access the activities of the Virtual Conference from a mobile device, you must use the iEvents APP.

Your browser must have JavaScript enabled for you to view the contents of each section of the Center. Please check that your browser has this featured activated.

PDF viewer:

To properly access any of the Conference documents, you must have a PDF viewer.

If your browser does not have a PDF viewer, we recommend installing the latest version of Acrobat Reader. You can download it at the following link.

What are the technical requirements to access the Virtual Conference Center?

In order to access the Conference’s content, you might need to carry out a series of adjustments on your browser that we will describe below.

Internet connection:

We recommend that the Internet connection speed is of 50Mb or more.

The contents may load incorrectly or slowly if the users have a lower speed than the previously indicated.

Mobile connection:

The Virtual Congress platform is interactive. Please take into account the usage of data when accessing the platform from a mobile phone. .

Cookies enabled:

In order to access the contents of the platform, it is necessary to have cookies enabled. These cookies contain information necessary for navigation, such as the point where a specific content was consulted the day before.

Please check your browser settings and accept the cookie policy.

Voice and Video Access:

This item is only for Chairs, Speakers, and Authors presenting Abstracts. When connecting to a session for the first time, the application will ask your permission to access your webcam and microphone. You must accept the request in order to interact with other users.

In the event that permission is not requested, you may grant the application access to your webcam and microphone in your browser’s configuration page.