Scientific Commitee

  • Nora H. Slobodianik

    Members Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences. University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.


    Doctor of Chemical Sciences. Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences. Buenos Aires' University. Professor Consultor. Nutrition Chair. Department of Health, Nutrition, Bromatology and Toxicology. Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, UBA. Resolution CS Nº 126/2010. Category Teacher-Researcher: I. Full Member of the Doctorate Commission. Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Resolution (CS) UBA, 7576/2013.

    Director of Projects funded by the University of Buenos Aires, CONICET and Fundación AJ Roemmers, Director of Tesistas, Student Scholars (CEDIQUIFA), Graduated Fellows and Doctorate (UBA, ECI) and Interns. Project in progress: Nutrition Biochemical Profile in Different Pathological Situations (UBA Programming 2011-2014).