Oral Presentations - 3

Friday 16th July
10.30 - 12.30 h.
Oral Presentations Room

451/19 Investigation the impact of dietary emulsifiers on intestinal epithelial cells responses and inflammation.

451/49 Effect of Mediterranean diet on the disability of hospitalized older adults following an exercise intervention

451/51 Vitamin-D deficiency is more common in UK black people and a possible COVID-19 risk factor.

451/54 Cocoa modulates mesenteric lymph nodes composition and function in rats submitted to acute running exercise

451/61 The relationship of lifestyle determinants with immunological and hormonal biomarkers in adolescents with Down syndrome. The UP&DOWN Study

Oral Abstract Presentations


Ángels Franch Masferrer

Department of Biochemistry and Physiology, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Science. University of Barcelona. Spain.

Biography not available