Oral Presentations - 2

Thursday 15th July
10.30 - 12.30 h.
Oral Presentations Room

451/34 N-3-Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids-Enriched Eggs Consumption Increases Serum Concentrations of E-Series Resolvins in Young Healthy Participants

451/37 Dietary supplementation with spray-dried animal plasma presents neuroprotective effects in senescence mice

451/38 Dietary plasma protein supplementation ameliorates intestinal infection by Escherichia coli in young mice

451/39 Immunonutritional agonists from S. hispanica L improve innate immune control of the alterations at central nervous system during hepatocarcinogenesis

451/42 Systemic pro-inflammatory cytokines’ level following 7-day high-salt diet in healthy young individuals

451/53 Changes in the immune composition of breast milk during the transition period.

Oral abstract presentations


Francisco José Pérez Cano

Department of Biochemistry and Physiology. Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Science. University of Barcelona. Spain.

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